We are all familiar with the “Limited edition signed album”. Have you ever heard of a Limited edition one of a kind MP3? I doubt it. I describe how, with blockchain, decentralized and distributed computing we can begin to re-introduce concepts that have been difficult or impossible to realize within the digital world. Read more and check out the slides.

This is a companion webpage for the presentation. Here, we demonstrate a musicians song packaged as an MP3 in a way that allows for ownership ascertainment and bitcoin payments. The MP3 has ID3 tags with various metadata including bitcoin address (text and QR codes) and public key. The audio is also robustly watermarked for alternative metadata retrieval. The file checksum hash will be published to the Bitcoin Blockchain for further immutable authenticity proof. A Crypto Asset (token) using Counterparty will also be created and associated with the track, album and artist in a future version of this demo.

Video with Watermarked Audio Track

The video was created with the watermarked audio track and can also be used to verify and ascertain the author's information.
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Many thanks to Ryan Bedino for this original work. See more of his work here:

A Collaboration between Alex Radzishevsky of and Decentric.