Circuits of Value
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About Coval Token

- ERC20 Contract

- Secure

- Upgradable

- Burnable

- Traded at STEX

- Etherscan

02 Technology

Emblem Vault

Emblem Vault enables the movement of assets regardless of their underlying chain. Emblem Vault was built to enable Coval to realize its vision.

Crypto E-Commerse

Easily create a full catalog store, or make a simple donation or event ticket sales page in a few clicks.

02 Technology


CovalToken.sol is our current incarnation of the smart contract that defines the behavior of the Circuits of Value token.


Coval.js is a library wrapping many crypto and cryptocurrency libraries, along with an interface to remotely hosted services.

*Illustration By Anastasia
03 About

Coval is the vision of Shannon Code a software developer from Raleigh NC.

Inventing the future since before he was in high school. He has built Bots for World of Warcraft, an internal blockchain based rewards system for Deloitte, and was mentioned in engadget for hacking the xbox 360 to play flash games.

Shannon's open source contributions include Ethereum, Cryptocoinjs, JPMorganChase, Zapier and others. Shannon has seen the creation of Ethereum, was an early member of Hyperledger Foundation & even managed to break the Omni / Mastercoin network one time with a cleverly named asset.

Shannon is named inventor on several patent applications and predicted the DAO hack years before it launched.

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